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Squirrels look cute when they’re prancing around in your backyard, climbing trees and chewing non-stop into their precious acorns. While they seem like bubbly creatures, they can pop into your home or backyard and can wreak havoc in a short space of time. Quick action is necessary to ensure these lovable-looking creatures don’t create messes that you’d hate to clean up.

They Won’t Be Static in Your Attic

If your home isn’t the cleanest or has its fair share of holes, squirrels can end up taking up residence in various parts of the house. From your chimney to the walls, they will take siege on any openings they can find.

However, the most common place where squirrel infestations take place inside the home is the attic. If there is damage to your attic’s insulation or ductwork, it could be a sign that squirrels were around. They will shred the insulation to pieces and use it for nesting.

Furthermore, their burrows (holes squirrels create) can allow other rodents, along with insects and bats to enter your home at will.

Squirrels also like to gnaw non-stop, as you see with their acorns. They will bite into anything, including electrical wiring, which could cause a major fire hazard.

Noticing Entry Points and Obvious Damage

Search around the exterior your home for any small holes that look sizeable enough for an animal. Squirrels can compact themselves, so they can fit in the smallest of spots.

If you notice damage to your furniture or wood, that could be a signal that squirrels may have made contact. They may shred furniture, so they can take out some of its stuffing or chew on the wood or create material for nesting.

Eyes, Ears, and Nose

Three of your senses, sight, hearing, and smell, are vital whenever you’re trying to detect signs of a squirrel infestation.

If you notice nests in trees or hollow tree trunk openings or chewed bark, those are potential signs. Or, you will notice droppings or urine squirrels have left behind, which leave a stinky odour. Squirrel droppings can also make you sick. You may also find deceased squirrels in your attic or home. This could also make you sick. We strongly advise against removing droppings or carcasses from your home as it could be hazardous to your health.

You may also hear noises from squirrels running or scratching things, or even fighting.

What to Do?

Professional assistance is needed when trying to prevent squirrel infestations. However, there are a few DIY things you can do. First, seal any holes in your home that lead to the outside. Secondly, you can set traps, however many homeowners would prefer to leave this part up to a professional.

On the outside, trim your tree limbs and keep them as high about the edge of your roof as possible so squirrels can’t jump on it. It also helps if you don’t use bird feeders as they are a source of food for squirrels.

If you’re in Edmonton and experiencing a squirrel infestation, Harlow Pest Control is a good place to start if you’re seeking professional help to help reclaim your home. Contact Harlow for more info!

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