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For service that goes above and beyond regular pest and sanitation control, the Harlow “Signature” Pro-Active Integrated Pest Management Contractual Program is the ideal solution.  Harlow Signature IPM clients receive premium services and special perks that are among the most comprehensive in the industry.  If your business or organization requires fully-trained staff and management, and optimum pest and sanitation control every day of the year, this program is for you. 

When you join the many other proactive organizations that have added the Harlow “Signature” Pro-Active Integrated Pest Management Contractual Program to their business operations, you receive:

Quarterly Manager Quality Assurance

A manager quality assurance review every quarter, to ensure every member of the organization is doing their part.  

Reservation Bookings

Special reservation services for anytime reservations and predictable appointments.

Regular Service Visits

Regularly scheduled service calls and checks to ensure pests don’t return or pose a future threat. 

Comprehensive Documentation & Recommendations

Documentation and recommendations help to ensure an educated and proactive purchase. 


Discounted Work Order and Seasonal Services

Many services are available at discounted prices for both word orders and seasonal services. 


Annual Executive Meeting

A special meeting each year to ensure all client needs are being met and to keep the lines of communication open regarding new solutions and technologies.  

Emergency Services

Access to emergency services, day and night with the Harlow 24-24 guarantee.  

Complimentary Services

Special perks and complimentary services in addition to regular services and other benefits.  

Free Consultation and Educational Seminars

IPM program clients receive complimentary seminars and consultation to educate them on current prevention methods.   

Complimentary Documentation Archive Retrieval

Documentation retrieval from our secure archive, for clients that need to refer back to previous reviews, recommendations or work orders.  

As a member of the Harlow “Signature” Pro-Active Integrated Pest Management Contractual Program, the  peace of mind you get knowing that your pest control management is under the guidance of industry experts, is invaluable.  Call today for more details and to become part of the

Harlow family. 

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