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At first glance, birds seem pretty harmless compared to some of the other pests you may encounter at your home or business.  The constant chirping and singing may annoy you, and no one likes the mess they leave behind when they gather in large numbers, but is there really a need for an Edmonton bird removal expert? 

Risks to Your Family

Despite their small size and mostly non-aggressive behaviour, many birds carry bacteria and parasites in their droppings that have the potential to spread disease.  When they gather in large flocks, they will leave such a large amount of feces on window sills, sidewalks, decks and porches that your kids and pets may be at risk.  


Risks to Your Property


Those same droppings contain acids that can eat away at building materials, creating a corrosive effect.  Many species of bird are also notorious for nesting in just about any opening they can fit into, which often includes your attic, chimney or vents.  Don’t let the size fool you, because birds can be incredibly destructive.



Woodpeckers – A woodpecker will peck at your house for a few different reasons.  Male woodpeckers often do it to attract a mate and let other males know this is his territory.  They may peck at wooden parts of the house to look for insects to eat, or they may peck to create a roosting hole.  A woodpecker pecking at your house can be terribly annoying and causes damage to the exterior.  Call for a Free Quote if woodpeckers are disrupting your life.  

Sparrows – House sparrows, also known as English sparrows are small songbirds that can cause considerable damage by feeding on livestock grains and by nesting and roosting in residential areas.  Large flocks of sparrows can contaminate grains with droppings and only need an opening of roughly ¾” to get in somewhere to nest.  That somewhere could be your home, so if you notice  a large number of sparrows around 

Starlings – Starlings are about the size of a robin, with purple-green plumage dotted with white markings and a yellow bill.  In the winter, the back feathers become noticeably darker.  The primary issue with starlings is gathering in large flocks and consuming and contaminating livestock feed.  If you notice large numbers of starlings in any locations, call for a Free Quote

Pigeons – Pigeons are a common sight in cities all over North America.  Their familiar “cooing” sound may seem cute or even comforting, but they have the potential to cause a lot of damage to your home or business. 

Nesting material can block storm gutters and pigeon droppings can accumulate on window sills and on siding.  Their droppings contain uric acid, which is corrosive and can eat away at almost any surface over time.  If you have pigeons on your property, call for a Free quote  

Crows – Common crows are relatively large birds and all black, with glossy-looking outer feathers.  Crows are highly intelligent and they like to communicate with one another with their familiar “caw.”  Crows don’t often pose a problem for residential properties, but when in flocking phase they can gather in the thousands and overwhelm buildings and agricultural areas.  If you have a problem with crows, call for a Free Quote.  

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