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Sometimes, it is the smallest of creatures that cause the biggest problems.  Technically, any animal that gets into your home or business and disrupts your life is a pest, but there’s something about certain rodents and insects that takes the discomfort factor to the next level.  As experienced Edmonton pest removal experts, we have seen just about every type of infestation imaginable, and know why expert service is an absolute must.   

Problems with the DIY Approach

Insects and small rodents like mice and rats tend to cause panic and spread disease, in some cases.  If you find an infestation or nesting site and miss just a few in your efforts to exterminate them, their breeding capabilities will often build the population back up again.  It’s important to have your pest removal performed by professionals.  Take a deep breath, call for a Free Quote and we will eliminate the problem for you.  

Types of Rodents

Mice – A mouse is recognizable for its long, nearly hairless tail, round ears and pointed snout.  Common house mice are very adaptable to new surroundings and can live and reproduce in countless areas of your home or business.  Mice are both destructive and a health risk, as they are known to carry various bacteria and disease. 


Mice are good at climbing, jumping and swimming and they will eat just about anything a human will eat.  Their constant nibbling on different food items, baseboards and other items causes damage to your home and wastes food.


Mouse droppings are another sign that you have mice in the house.  They are shaped like a grain of rice and are typically black.  You may see them in your garage, basement, in cupboards, behind furniture or close to walls.  Call for a Free Quote if you’ve seen any sign of mice.  


Rats – Rats look similar to mice, only quite a bit larger.  Rats will eat just about anything, and are known to carry dozens of diseases.  They prefer to be left alone to scavenge for food in homes and buildings.  Brown rats like to burrow and will often make large holes around the foundation of your home. 


Rat dropping are larger than mouse droppings and are brown or black and shaped like a jelly bean.  Since rats have been blamed for several deadly plagues throughout history, it is important to take action if you see evidence of rat activity in your home or business.  Call for a Free Quote and don’t try to remove them yourself.  

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