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Our Guarantee

Imperial Guarantee


The Harlow “Imperial Protection” Service Guarantee is the most comprehensive, easy-to-invoke and reputable guarantee in the pest control industry.  As a client, your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.  If you are not thoroughly satisfied with any element of your service, a Harlow representative will work with you to find a solution or fully refund your last service payment. 


The Harlow “Imperial Protection” Service Guarantee establishes clear standards to preserve and reinforce long term client loyalty.  It encourages meaningful client feedback so Harlow Pest Control can understand failures and develop a corresponding course of action.


The Harlow “Imperial Protection” Service Guarantee also includes a rebate guarantee.  If your company is fined by a regulatory agency solely due to pest infestation after Harlow Pest & Sanitation Control Ltd. service, the company will rebate you for fines paid up to $50,000 CAD*, **


The Harlow “Imperial Protection” Service Guarantee includes a confidentiality and security clause to respect the sensitivity of pest issues.  It consists of signed confidentiality agreements for each employee, plus our e-files are IT secure and all paper files are stored in a highly secure facility.




In commercial and industrial areas, the potential for pest-related damage is greater than in residential settings. Pest infestations not only increase health problems for you, your employees and clients, but also cause economic loss through damaged equipment and spoiled stock on display and in storage areas.


Harlow Pest Control offers priority services at the following commercial locations, without any additional priority premium:


  • Food Manufacturing and Processing Plants

  • Hospitals/Medical Centers

  • Markets/ Food Retail Outlets

  • Retirement Living/Nursing Homes

  • Schools/Daycare Centers

  • Shopping Centers/Markets

  • Sporting Complexes

  • Restaurants/Hotels/Bars/Motels

  • Warehousing/Storage Facilities


Our services are scheduled outside peak operation times to minimize disturbances to your business and avoid financial losses.   


*excluding bed bugs and certified canine services.

**excluding all residential tenant and landlord dispute judgements

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