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About Harlow Pest And Sanitation Control

Harlow Pest & Sanitation Control Ltd. is based in Edmonton, Alberta Canada and has been in operation for over 10 years.  We have the experience and capabilities to handle more than ??? pests, and our customer base continues to multiply every single year. 


When we first conceived the idea of Harlow Pest & Sanitation Control Ltd. the thought was to provide the highest quality services to enhance the quality of living for the people of Edmonton and surrounding area.  Since the beginning, our motto has been “reliable, responsible and reputable” and we strive to follow it each and everyday. 


All of the technicians we employ at Harlow Pest & Sanitation Control are fully certified and are subject to extensive background and criminal checks before they join the team.  We are the leaders in Edmonton pest control services, and we will continue to evolve and grow so our customers in agricultural, commercial, industrial, cottage and residential environments are always satisfied.  

Why Choose Harlow?

The decision to choose Harlow Pest & Sanitation Control for your Edmonton pest control needs provides a multitude of benefits you can’t find from any other company.  These include:


  • Years of relevant experience.

  • Flawless customer service record.

  • High attention to detail.

  • Impeccable reputation.

  • Multiple professional accreditations.

  • Proven systems and management programs.

  • Highest quality service at a competitive price.

  • Clean safety record.

  • Various ‘Green’ initiatives. 


We will also cover any fines your organization is given as a result of work that was performed by Harlow Pest & Sanitation Control Ltd. 


For these reasons and many more, Harlow Pest & Sanitation Control is the ideal pest control solution for any residential, commercial or industrial situation.  

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