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K-9 Inspections for Bedbugs

Bedbugs are small, yet intrusive insects who like blood. It’s all they live on and, regardless of how clean your space is, they will find the smallest creases in your bed or bedroom to hide in. They will wait until you sleep to pounce and can cause issues, both for your property and personal being. With an influx of bedbug infestations taking place in Edmonton, more residents are employing K-9 bed bug inspection services to evaluate these infestations before outlining solutions. At Harlow Pest Control, there are many benefits offered with this kind of service.

What is a K-9 Inspection?

This type of inspection uses dogs to help detect, both through their amazing feeling and smelling senses, the presence of bedbugs. These dogs work with handlers to review all areas of your home and determine where bedbugs are, as well as point out signs of an infestation.

With human inspection, you’d have to strip your bed and various parts of your house to find out where bugs are. Your drywall and floorboards may also have to be removed. With K-9 inspections, these trained dogs can detect bedbugs in hard-to-reach places. They recognize the scent of live and dead bedbugs as well as their eggs and any debris they leave behind.

Their level of accuracy is very high, making it easier to implement the right control measures necessary to counteract bedbug infestations.

How Long Does It Take?

With Harlow, or any other pest control service, K-9 inspections will take a few hours, which may require several dogs. But, this process is very much worth the wait. Once they detect the presence of bedbugs and any accompanying debris, they alert their handlers. The handlers then inspect the target area that’s been sniffed out before using removal products to clean your home.

The Benefits of K-9 Inspections

With K-9 inspection teams, work on infestations can take a much shorter time compared to a full visual evaluation of your property. This assures greater efficiency and reduces the need for any drastic changes to your home’s look.

Along with timeframe reduction and accuracy, these types of inspections will help reduce costs as they can pinpoint specific issues and prevent a widespread infestation from happening. They can locate bedbugs before they build nests and help you eradicate the issue. And all this without having to interrupt your normal home routine for too long as you can get back to regular activities as soon as the work is completed.

These dogs are trained for up to 1,000 hours by their handlers, who help them understand all required commands and behaviours. They are also certified once they’ve successfully undergone testing via the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA). So, you are guaranteed top service when you enlist K-9 inspections to help you find and rid your home of bedbugs at a moment’s notice.

Harlow Pest Control offers seamless and cost-effective K-9 inspection process that you can trust to keep bedbugs from pestering your home. Contact Harlow today for more details!

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