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Feral Rock Pigeons

Feral rock pigeons, or feral pigeons, are common sights in major cities around the world. These pigeons are related to the homing pigeons frequently used in Europe for centuries. Now, these birds have taken over urban areas, because of the availability of necessary resources like food and water.

However, feral pigeons can become a major nuisance around urban areas, with many choosing to exterminate them when the destruction of property begins.

How long do feral rock pigeons live?

In the “wild” urban landscape, a feral rock pigeon typically lives for 3-4 years, with the females laying 1-2 eggs three or four times every year. Often, these pigeons do not migrate or move far from where they hatched, meaning that the same pigeons will live in yards and homes for their entire lifespan.

What does a feral rock pigeon look like?

Chances are, most people have had an experience with a feral rock pigeon at least once in their lifetime. These birds don’t differ much appearance-wise, with blue-grey colouring on top of a white bottom. They can also be identified by the dark band that lies across its tail.

Why are feral rock pigeons a threat to humans?

Although these birds seem quite harmless, they carry a variety of health risks and problems. They are known to attract other harmful pests, such as rats, cockroaches, and ticks. Their droppings are quite acidic and corrosive, and therefore damage precious monuments and buildings. This damage can also be a result of their roosting and breeding in these buildings and monuments.

The sheer amount of droppings can also damage necessities such as rooftop machinery, and cause individuals to be hurt from slipping on the droppings. Feral rock pigeons are also known to transmit parasites and diseases to other bird populations.

How can you tell if you have a feral rock pigeon infestation?

Because feral rock pigeons are such a common sight in the urban lifestyle, many commercial and residential property owners don’t realize that they have an infestation until a large amount of damage is already done. The most typical sign of a pigeon infestation is a large amount of pigeon droppings around your building or property, as you may not notice the pigeons on a day-to-day basis.

Upon noticing an increase of pigeons or pigeon droppings on your property, it’s vital that a local pest control company is contacted immediately. These experts can help you reduce the cost of damage by eradicating the problem before it gets worse.

It’s also ideal to let neighbours know that you’ve experienced an infestation, as they might have a similar issue and be unaware. If you suspect a feral rock pigeon infestation in your Edmonton, Alberta home or business, contact the experts at Harlow Pest Control. Get in touch today by calling 1-855-757-2999.

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