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Bed Bugs in Your Apartment

When people think of household pests, bed bugs are usually the first nuisance to come to mind. These nocturnal parasites are resilient and generally difficult to get rid of without the help of a professional pest control company. Bed bugs thrive in multi-unit settings such as apartments and townhouses, as they spread easily between units. However, when people are equipped with the right information and management techniques, the spread of bed bugs in the apartment can be slowed and eventually stopped.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are flat, nocturnal parasites that are oval in shape and measure about a quarter-inch long. Many people notice that they have bed bugs when they notice small bites on their skin and the dark stains that they leave behind.

They thrive in warm indoor environments, feeding on blood. Because they find their primary food source around body heat and odour, they are prone to live in beds and other common areas, never straying much further than five feet of their hosts. Therefore, they are commonly found in apartment buildings, which offer a constant food source and many new hosts.

Bed bugs do not pose a lot of health threats to their human hosts, but they do irritate skin and disturb the sleep of many. When left untreated, bed bugs can become a major issue throughout multiple apartment units in just a month or two.

How Do Bed Bugs Enter Apartment Buildings?

Bed bugs are a nuisance in apartment buildings all around North America. They can be introduced into the apartment building easily, as there is a near constant turnover of tenants most times during the year. Because they commonly nest in couches, mattresses, and other fabric-based items, they move around often. However, once they enter the apartment, it’s quite easy for them to move to other units and continue breeding.

What to Do If You Believe Your Apartment is infested?

If you suspect that your apartment is infested with bed bugs, the first thing you should do is try to catch one in an airtight container. Apartment managers commonly deal with bed bug-related issues and can confirm if what you’ve found is a bed bug. If so, they can take charge of the situation and begin calling the appropriate professionals.

In most cases, if you find bed bugs in your apartment, they have already spread to neighbouring units. To effectively rid bed bugs from an apartment complex, all adjoining apartments – including units above, below, and on the left and right - should be treated as though they are already infested.

Bed bug treatments should only be carried out by certified pest control experts to ensure that even the most inconspicuous spaces of an apartment unit are treated. Often, these treatments will have to be treated several times to ensure that the bed bugs are completely eradicated.

If you suspect that you have a bed bug problem in your apartment building, immediately call your building manager. If you’re in the Edmonton, Alberta area, the experts at Harlow Pest Control can provide a free estimate before your pest problem gets out of control. Call us today at 780-757-2999, or toll-free at 1-855-757-2999.

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