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4 Myths About Wasps Every Homeowner Should Know

By understanding more about wasps, you can ensure your home and family are protected should you encounter wasps in your area. Our experts have decades of experience in this process, and in helping homeowners understand more on insects. In this latest post, we’ll explore four of the most common myths on wasps and wasp behaviour.

1 - It’s Completely Safe to Remove a Wasp’s Nest at Night

This myth is actually based in fact. It is safer to remove a wasp’s nest during the evening when they’re inactive. However, it’s not totally safe as any wasps disturbed during the night can come out and sting the person trying to remove the nest.

2 - Wasps are More Dangerous than Bees

While wasps sting more people than bees in general, they are not more dangerous as a species. The most prominent reason behind the comparatively high number of wasp stings is that we encounter wasps more on a daily basis. In addition, wasp’s nests are more likely to be found in widely used locations, increasing the chances of an interaction between a person and the wasp, thereby increasing the chances of the wasp stinging the person.

3 - Wasps Prefer Sweet Things

While most people will interact with a wasp over a summer meal in which they’re enjoying a sugary treat or a pop, wasps only prefer sugary items for a short period in the later parts of the summer. For the vast majority of the year, wasps actually prefer to hunt other small insects. It’s the reason that wasps are important in protecting gardens from insect damage.

4 - They’re Easy to Remove

Wasps and their nests can be found in difficult to reach places around the home. One of the reasons so many homeowners experience little success in the DIY method of wasp removal is that even when they are successful in safely removing a nest, the nest often reappears a few weeks later in the same place. Professional removal is required to ensure wasps are separated from the home and don’t return. It’s important to speak with a removal specialist as soon as possible for homeowners that suspect a large-scale problem in and around their property.

Our trusted team is here to separate the fact from the fiction on wasps and wasps’ nests removal methods. To learn more on our company or speak with a specialist about a removal project, contact our trusted team today!

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