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4 Bed Bug Myths All Homeowners Should Know

Bed bugs are a common concern throughout Canada. And they have a significant impact during an infestation, causing itchy skin with their bites and disrupting household routines. While most have a basic understanding on bed bugs and their behaviour, there are multiple myths that it’s important to uncover. In this latest post, our experts reveal the truth behind four common bed bug myths.

1 - Keeping a Light on Prevents Bites

Many people falsely believe that bed bugs are only active at night. They believe that keeping a light on can keep bed bugs from biting them. But bed bugs become hungry just like other animals. And so, if they feel like taking a bite of skin during the day, they will. While they are more active at night, you cannot prevent bites by keeping a light on.

2 - Bedbugs Live Exclusively in Mattresses

While it’s a common theme in most bed bug horror stories, the creature doesn’t just live in mattresses. They can be found throughout the home and can spread from room to room, often traveling miles in suitcases and bags. In managing a bed bug infestation, removal experts will review the entire property to ensure the problem is resolved.

3 - Bedbugs Prefer Unsanitary Conditions

The bed bug doesn’t seek our unsanitary conditions any more than other creatures. And they can be found in all types of property, from high-end real estate to older apartment buildings. One of the main reasons bed bugs may be found more often in areas of poverty is that the population tends to be denser in these types of areas. More people are sharing the same living space, allowing for bed bugs to travel more easily on clothing and bedding. In addition, those in poorer areas might not have the resources to complete regular checks or take on the bed bug removal process effectively, making the location more susceptible to infestations.

4 - You Can Use DIY Sprays to Remove Bed Bugs

Due to the common use of pesticides, a great many species have become resistant to pesticide sprays found at the store. This means homeowners have to turn to professional removal services to ensure the bed bug issue is resolved completely. Fumigation and heat treatments are often the best way to remove all bed bugs and their remnants.

Our team at Harlow Pest Control can offer expert guidance for the removal of bed bugs from the family home. To speak with a trusted local expert, call us now!

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