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If I See One Mouse in My Home, Is There More?

Unfortunately, the research shows that if you have one mouse in the home, there are likely many more in and around the property. This means that the sighting of one mouse requires you to be proactive in locating and removing the rest of the mice from the property. In this latest post, we’ll present several tips for identifying and resolving a mouse infestation.

Identifying an Infestation

It’s not always easy to determine the number of mice in your house. But there are clear signs when a mouse infestation has occurred. These signs include:

  • The smell of ammonia in the home from the mouse urine

  • Scraps of nesting material such as paper and cardboard around the home

  • Scratching noises that occur mostly at night

  • Dark smears at the corner of rooms

If you’ve identified one or all of these signs, it’s now time to begin the removal process.

Place Traps Effectively

The use of traps is a great way to begin the mouse removal process. But traps only work if you know how to use them effectively. The most important element to consider is the placement of the trap. Try to ensure the traps are placed in areas the mice will frequent, including the corners of common areas, dark spots under cupboards, and locations close to food storage space. These are all common locations for mouse activity and make for ideal trap locations.

Use Bait to Attract Mice to Traps

Bait should be used to bring mice out of hiding if they aren’t found in the traps several weeks after placement. Bait such as small pieces of food can be used, as well as rodenticide products. However, remember to place the bait away from areas where pets and small children can access it. This will help to maximize the efficiency of the traps and speed the removal of mice from the home.

Call a Removal Specialist if the Problem Persists

Often, it’s difficult for homeowners to take on a mouse infestation problem alone. You might need specialist assistance to guide you in removing the pests from your property. Make sure that you contact your local pest removal company if you feel your mouse issue is getting out of control. The control expert can provide you with peace of mind and use environmentally friendly strategies to remove the mice from the property for the long-term.

Our team at Harlow Pest Control can guide you in removing mice from your property. To learn more, call us today!

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