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How to Prevent Birds Nesting in Different Areas of Your Home

How to Prevent Birds Nesting in Different Areas of Your Home

Birds can be a welcome sight around your garden when they’re in the trees and nesting with their young. But when they begin nesting closer to the home, in guttering and around windows, you may face a number of structural issues. To help you safeguard your property and ensure your home is safe against the threats birds might pose, we’re offering this quick guide.

Install Bird Netting on Outside Lights

Installing bird netting on light fixtures can block the birds from accessing it. If the netting is to be used in close proximity to the bulb, it’s important the material is non-flammable. Make sure the netting is also designed so that it doesn’t injure any birds with which it comes into contact.

Mount a Plastic Hawk on the Porch

One area in which many homeowners face bird pest control challenges is their front porch space. This area is often in close proximity to the garden, which invites birds to use the space. By mounting a plastic hawk on the porch, you can intimidate birds in the area and keep them from inhabiting the space. But it’s important to move the plastic hawk every few weeks so the local birds don’t become used to the sight of the product around the home.

Use Plastic Spikes on Guttering

If you’re facing substantial problems with birds nesting around your home, you might consider installing plastic spikes on home guttering. These spikes are designed to make it uncomfortable for birds to use the space to stand on the gutter and look out over the area. They have a blunt tip to prevent harm to the animal while keeping the bird from remaining in the space.

Noise Deterrents

Many pest control companies also now sell noise-creating deterrents that will create a sound when a bird moves into the nearby space. This sound should be quiet enough so that it doesn’t impact the neighbours but loud enough so that it warns the bird and others in the area away from the home over the long-term.

By working with trusted pest control companies, you can safeguard your home and prevent the damage that birds and other pests can cause. Our team is available around the clock to answer your pest control questions. To discover further tips for preventing birds nesting in your home, call us today!

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