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Can a Wasp Infestation Damage My Home?

Wasps are considered to be more of an annoying pest than a tangible danger to your home. While they can sting and cause irritation, wasps are generally not thought to inflict significant damage to structures. However, it’s important that you have a clear understanding of the potential threat of wasps to your property. And so, in this latest post, we’ll look at the various ways in which a wasp infestation can impact your home.

Damage to Ceilings

Over time, a wasps’ nest can become damp. If you have an infestation in your home, you may find that the nest weakens the structure of ceilings, making them more likely to allow moisture into the home. If left in place over several months, the nest can then create a hole in the ceiling which can allow for significant damage to other parts of the property over time.

Chewing through Structures

One of the most serious ways in which wasps can cause damage to the home is by chewing through structures such as siding and interior walls. They can chew through wood, putty, and caulking quickly, weakening the home structure and potentially allowing other creatures inside. Over the period of a few months, a wasp infestation can cause widespread damage to an entire home.

Resolving the Problem

Many people try to take a DIY approach to removing wasps from the home. But this isn’t always effective, and in many cases, can be dangerous for those that aren’t wearing the proper clothing for the removal process. Resolving a wasp infestation with the guidance of professionals is the best way to respond to the wasps in the home.

The Removal Process

Working with a qualified removal specialist can ensure the infestation is removed in a short period of time. They can use pesticides and vacuum systems to locate and remove the infestation. They are also trained to find the queen and then eliminate the nest completely, so wasps don’t return to the property. This process is a critical tool in safeguarding the home against intrusion over the long-term.

Our trained team at Harlow Pest Control has a clear understanding of wasp behaviour and nesting patterns. We work closely with the homeowner in resolving their wasp infestation and preventing damage to their property. To discover more about the wasp removal process, or speak with an industry expert, call our team today!

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