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4 Wasp Prevention Tips You Can Use

Wasps present a hazard around the home, particularly for those with small children and pets. It’s imperative that you have wasp prevention strategy in place to keep your home secure against these common household pests. In this latest post, our trusted pest control team will provide their wasp prevention tips.

1 - Secure Garbage

Your garbage bags should be secured when placed around the home. If you leave them outside over a period of several days, you could be inviting wasps into the area. For those who need to keep garbage bins for several days before the garbage is picked up, it’s best to place them in a container with a tightly fitted lid and to keep them at a significant distance from the family home.

2 - Use Decorative Decoys

One way in which many families are now securing their properties against wasps is by using decorative decoys. These decoys work to intimidate common wasp species such as paper wasps. Paper wasps are incredibly territorial and won’t build a nest in 200 feet of another nest on the property. Placing a few decoys around the home can limit the presence of wasps.

3 - Maintain the Home Structure

You will often find wasps make their nests in parts of the home that have been poorly maintained in recent years. They will find cracks in roofing spaces and broken panels on siding to enter the property and make their nest. And so, it’s important that any small structural issues are resolved before they attract interested pests. You should also try to seal up holes around your home’s windows and doors to prevent pests gaining quick access to the home.

4 - Use Wasp Traps

By making your own wasp traps, you can easily prevent the insects from invading your home over the long-term. To make your own trap, you take a two-liter bottle, cut a fourth of the bottle from the top and then flip it over. Place the top part of the bottle gently over the bottom part so that there’s a small crack to allow the wasp inside. Pour a few drops of sweet liquid such as Mountain Dew into the crack and then tape the rest of the bottle while keeping the crack open. Then, set the entire bottle structure next to the active area for wasps around the home.

If you still find your home is attracting wasps after you use the outlined techniques, it’s important to call an experienced pest control professional. Our team is available on short notice to offer their guidance. To learn more, call us today!

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