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Which Birds are a Nuisance in Canada Besides Pigeons?

Birds might provide your garden with a warm ambiance during those springtime and summertime days, but many homeowners have discovered that Canada has its fair share of nuisance birds. These animals can eat plants and damage home structures. In this latest post, we’ll take a look at some of the more common nuisance birds across Canada and outline their characteristics and impact.

House Sparrows

House sparrows are associated with the transmission of more than 25 diseases to humans and other animals. They are considered a nuisance not only because of the diseases they transmit but also their behaviour. They actively intimidate songbirds and prevent other welcome birds from resting in the home area, and have been known to bite people and animals. House sparrow nests also clog roof drains and gutters, causing significant structural damage to the home.


Starlings are known as a prominent pest within farming communities. They can transfer disease from one livestock facility to another and also consume farmed products such as seeds and cultivated fruits. This can lead to a significant financial loss for the landowner. Starlings can also cause significant damage to the average home. Their droppings are highly acidic and therefore corrosive to structures around the property. This can cause significant damage to gutters and other common nesting spots.


Woodpeckers are associated with significant damage to building structures. They are responsible for damaging power lines around homes, and their impact on trees in residential areas can lead to structural safety issues for homeowners. During mating season, woodpeckers also emit loud noises that can impact your family’s sleep.

Canada Geese

The Canada goose has long been associated with winter walks at the park and quiet days spent with family and friends. But for those who find the bird on their property, the Canada goose can cause widespread problems. They carry numerous diseases and reduce the quality of life for those in the area by making noise and potentially causing injury to pets. Their feces also impacts the appeal of home exteriors and driveway spaces. It’s the reason so many are now seeking professional pest control services for the removal of Canada geese from their property.

Our team here at Harlow Pest Control has a wide range of experience removing birds from family homes across the region. We work with families to help them analyze the issue and then offer environmentally-friendly removal options based on the latest techniques. To learn more, call us directly!

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