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What Is Bird-Friendly Glass?

bird friendly glass

Every spring season, thousands of birds will begin taking up nesting, especially in large cities with elegant rooftop gardens, or large sill windows where they can perch. Pigeons and other domestic birds gather in very large numbers, and it isn't uncommon for them to become stunned or killed by flying into reflective glass.

National Geographic reports that scientists estimate as many as 600 million birds die in window collisions in Canada and United States each year. They also state that switching glass can be a big help when it comes to reducing those numbers.

What is the Problem? Dead Birds

In urban areas, the bird populations are soaring. It isn’t just a one-time situation of a random bird or pigeon flying into the glass and falling dead on the sidewalk below where hundreds of people pass each day. Bird collisions are indiscriminate. They can occur day or night, across rural habitat and urban landscapes.

Birds can carry parasites, and their droppings may contain harmful bacteria. The Environmental Protection Agency can hold a building owner responsible, especially if species protected birds are colliding with a building or home.

Exterior Glass and New Technology

With regular glass, birds do not recognize if the window is clear, tinted or reflective, and they can gather in large numbers dropping bacteria and parasites on your windowsills, and practically any other surface where they perch. The droppings are acidic and can stain surfaces. New technology now produces feather friendly glass and film window applications and coatings that are proven to stop deadly collisions of birds against the glass. There are many solutions that will best fit your need and your budget.

Health Risks to Humans

The droppings of birds are not only unsightly but carry spores which can lead to flu-like symptoms, eye irritation, and blood abnormalities. Pigeons, seagulls, and geese have also become prevalent in many areas, and can also cause serious damage and health risks to your property and humans. Often after large migrations and damage, areas need to be cleaned and disinfected.

Protect and Enjoy

It is possible to protect your environment from large migrations and enjoy non-invasive species of birds all in accordance with your government laws. If you choose a bird-free environment, there are many bird deterrent solutions for residential, commercial and industrial areas.

Harlow Pest Control can take care of your bird situation, and design solutions best suited to your area. We are licensed in a variety of methods, so call Harlow Pest Control today in Edmonton, Alberta at (780)-757-2999 or toll free at 1.855.757.2999.

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