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Is a Bedbug Infestation Dangerous?

Bedbugs are not dangerous but can cause ill health effects such as allergies, infection, insomnia and a weakening of the immune system if an infestation occurs. They do not transmit infectious diseases like mosquitoes and ticks, but their reproduction cycle is quick, and infestations are on the rise due to warmer climates.

Bed Bug Infestation

Understanding a Bedbug Infestation

Bedbug infestations have become a major concern in most cities across Canada. In fact, most health organizations call it an epidemic in some urban centers, and is one of the major concerns in multi-unit condo and apartment complexes, in senior buildings, and in single homes. It seems they are everywhere.

The Health Hazards if you have Bedbugs

You can experience a myriad of health issues if you have bedbugs. Not only skin allergies and reactions to the bites but through scratching you can acquire skin infections. The annoyance of the bites at night can cause insomnia, stress, and depression. In some instances anxiety and loss of appetite and most severe, a weakening of the immune system. Contamination by bed bugs is not random. They will keep reproducing until they are exterminated.

What to Look for if You Suspect Bedbugs

Remember, bedbugs come out at night when you are asleep to feed on your blood, and then when they are full they go back into their crevices and lay dormant.

Here are some symptoms to monitor if you suspect you have a colony of bedbugs:

  • A rash or continued itchiness

  • Welts or red bumps on your skin

  • Agitation or sleep loss

  • Asthma-like symptoms

The Psychological Damage

Although they are not dangerous, they do cause serious harm to your psychological health even more so than the physical bites. Just thinking that bugs are biting you every night can cause serious distress, and disrupt your social life. Early detection is best since they are difficult to control and they spread very quickly. Bedbugs are much more resilient to treatment, so you will want to find out very early if they have made their home in your home.

Are Bedbugs Contagious?

The health symptoms are not contagious, but bedbugs are travelers and if they have laid eggs in luggage, or in any item that has been in storage for awhile, or in closed, humid quarters, they can be transferred to anyone.

Once they are in the home, they can lay eggs, and they will colonize in any home and begin to multiply. Having your home regularly inspected is the key to early detection of bedbugs. For an immediate on-site inspection, call Harlow Pest Control in Edmonton, Alberta at (780)-757-2999 or toll-free at 1.855.757.2999.

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