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How Quickly Can a Mouse Infestation Get Out of Hand?

How Quickly Can a Mouse Infestation Get Out of Hand?

Mouse infestations are typically more common than rat infestations, and you can easily be overrun with the tiny rodents any time of the year. Being proactive about a mouse infestation is important for any property owner, and until you have experienced an interloping rodent, you should be concerned by how quickly an infestation can occur.

Urgency is Crucial

Mice are avid breeders, with the female birthing on average up to 10 litters a year. The gestation period is 10 to 21 days, and a litter can be up to 5 or 6, or as many as 12. So it is easy to realize how quickly your home can be invaded and then infested with a colony of mice. At six weeks, female pups are ready to begin mating. If mice take refuge in your home, they are safe and not exposed to predators, and it won’t take long for them to start eating through your home, your cupboards, and valuables.

Making a Home

Both male and female mice work to build a nest for their family. They line the nest with anything they can find, including insulation, cardboard boxes, paper from books, or plant scatterings. Once the nest is dirty, they will leave it and build another in a different area of your home. Mice can spread salmonella simply by crawling around on your furniture. They can also carry ticks and parasites.

Cleanup and Removal

Proper sanitation is essential when you find you have an infestation. The droppings can carry diseases, and proper cleaning of fecal matter and decontaminants are necessary to prevent disease. Proper ventilation or airing out of your residence must be completed to prevent respiratory infection. Do not undertake these procedures without proper advice. Contaminated clothing, books or other non-washable items must be left in the sunlight for several hours, or for at least one week to inactivate infectious bacteria.


When the urine or feces of a rodent becomes airborne, humans can be exposed to Hantavirus. It is a severe, potentially fatal illness. Symptoms resemble influenza; fever, body aches, chills and severe breathing problems. Never sweep or vacuum mouse droppings. The dust you can inhale is dangerous. Safe cleanup can reduce your risk of becoming ill.

Any areas you disturb where mice have infested are potential risk areas. Call Harlow Pest Control in the Edmonton, Alberta area for more information on safe extermination, trapping, safe cleanup, removal, and prevention 780-757-2999 or toll-free at 1.855.757.2999.

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