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How Mice and Rats Can Damage Your Home this Winter

It’s the beginning of the winter season, and Edmonton homeowners are now experiencing the cooler temperatures that comprise the vast majority of the winter months. Cooler temperatures bring with them more than just cold snow and wind. You might find small creatures make your home their own this wintertime as they seek an escape from the frosty weather. In this latest post, our experts look at the many ways mice and rats might damage your home this winter.

Chewing through Wiring

The wiring in your home’s wall areas connects you to the outside world and keeps your appliances working seamlessly. But a moment of chewing by a rodent can lead to significant electrical issues in your home. Mice and rats are known to chew through wiring as they make their way through floorboards and between walls in the home. And so, it’s critical to investigate wiring issues the moment you suspect a problem.

Using Insulation for Nests

Mice and rats are also known to enjoy the insulation we use in our homes. They find the insulation to be highly comfortable when building nests for their families. And so, if you go to investigate the reasons behind the cooler temperatures in your home as winter moves on, you might find small gaps in the insulation in attic and basement spaces. This is clearly indicative of a rodent issue that must be quickly addressed alongside a pest control expert.

Building Nests in or Near Appliances

Once rodents find a source of heat, they don’t generally move too far away. And so they like to build their nests by heaters and other appliances within the home. You might find the next time you go to check your boiler or water heater that there are squeaking noises and animal droppings on the floor. You might also notice scratching on the side of the appliance. Each of these are clear signs you have a rodent infestation issue that must be addressed quickly.

Eating Through Stored Produce

If you have rice, bread or any other type of stored food item in your cupboards, you might find the food has been half chewed and has tiny teeth marks. Mice and rats will use the space behind cupboards to chew through materials and find their way to food. They will then build nests in the area so they can gain quick access in the future.

It’s clear that mice and rats can have a significant long-term effect on your property this wintertime. Make sure you’re protected by learning the signs of a rodent infestation. Contact our expert team the moment you notice any of the issues highlighted.

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