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Can Bed Bugs Become Immune to Traditional Pest Control Methods?

A leading challenge within the pest control industry is addressing the evolving behaviour of pests in response to the latest treatment and control products. Bed bugs are one example of a creature that can proactively change their breeding patterns to minimize the chance of future bugs being impacted by traditional pest control treatments. In this latest post, we’ll look at why some companies are moving away from traditional bed bug treatment and toward alternative control and removal services.

Bed Bugs Becoming Immune to Pesticides

Natural biological systems are designed to help species survive over time. This is highlighted by the ongoing changes in the way bed bugs respond to traditional treatment. In previous years, bed bug infestations could be removed by harnessing a strong pesticide. But as this type of control method has become more prevalent, the bed bugs that are most susceptible to traditional treatments have died off. This has left those that are not susceptible to traditional methods to survive and procreate, with the species developing its immunity to chemical pesticides.

Companies Choosing Alternative Identification and Removal Techniques

With the efficacy of the latest pesticide treatments becoming lower and lower over time, new techniques have been devised to help homeowners identify and remove bed bugs from the home. One of these techniques is K9 detection.

As part of the K9 detection process, specially trained dogs work with their trainers to sniff out the bed bug odour in the home. The data shows that K9 detection is far more successful than traditional removal methods, as the dogs are trained to identify infestations inside walls and behind cupboards, where humans wouldn’t be able to see the problem occurring.

Further benefits of K9 services include:

  • Swift identification

The trained dogs are able to identify a problem in a fraction of the time of their trained human counterparts. This means that infestations can be spotted more promptly and helps to minimize the potential for lasting bed bug issues throughout the home.

  • Pinpoint accuracy

Because K9 detection relies upon scent rather than vision, follow-up removal work with the trained K9 team can ensure all bed bugs are removed. The dogs are trained to alert their trainer if they smell even one bed bug in an entire property. Rarely will human teams be able to achieve this level of accuracy.

  • Reduced pricing

Because their work can be completed more quickly and with a higher degree of accuracy, work teams using K9 detection can offer their clients more affordable pricing on bed bug identification and removal.

The team here at Harlow Pest Control is available now to guide you on your bed bug removal requirements. To learn more about the latest removal techniques, speak with our team today.

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