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A Guide to Common Insect Infestations in Canadian Winters

With the wintery weather now here, residents in the Edmonton area are considering how best to protect their home from the cooling temperatures. But the lower temperature is just one element to consider when protecting your property; you might also have to contend with insect infestations this winter. In this latest post, our experts take a look at several common insect infestations that take place in winter.


Ants of various sub-species are found throughout Canada and use the winter to spend time inside while foraging for food and shelter from the cold. One of the challenges of an ant infestation is that two ants can quickly multiply into hundreds of pests in just a few weeks. This can mean that, if you don’t spot an ant intrusion early, you could be facing significant problems in the long-term. To avoid ant infestations, try to keep food in containers or the fridge when left over night.


Whether carried in by animals after a winter walk outside or by children playing in the mud and the winter snow, fleas are a common nuisance inside many Edmonton homes. Once they make their way inside, they can attach to hair, clothing, bedding and other items to cause itching and other symptoms from their bite. Only by deploying a comprehensive home treatment can you safely remove the fleas from your home. Your local pest control company should be able to guide you in this process.


They’re a growing problem across Canada. But bed bugs can be stopped if you act early enough and understand the signs of an infestation. When you begin to notice small black dots on clothes and bedding, as well as small red spots from the bites on your skin or the skin of your family members, it’s a clear sign that you have bedbugs in the home. The creatures could have made their way inside on clothing or by attaching themselves to the skin. An expert in pest control can help guide the treatment process to remove all bugs and eggs from the home.


It’s critical to stop termites in their tracks because they have a lasting impact on the structural integrity of the property. Left alone, termites can destroy concrete and wood structures, leading to significant home safety issues. It’s important to look for small holes in wood furniture and structures and review insect-made patterns on flooring and walls for signs of termites.

Our trusted pest control team is now available to help answer your questions and guide you on your available winter pest control options. To learn more, call us today!

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