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Five Types of Wildlife that Could Make a Home in Your House This Winter

With the temperatures across Edmonton dropping, animals in your neighbourhood are seeking out warmer spaces with which to protect their families. This could mean that they make your house their temporary home for the winter months. In this latest article, our pest control experts highlight five of the animals you could find in your Edmonton home this wintertime.

1 – Squirrels

Most of us think of squirrels as those harmless critters we see scurrying up trees and telephone poles during the warmer months. But when they enter your home, squirrels can do significant damage. They are known to chew through wires as they make their way around the property, which could mean major electrical repairs this winter. They also chew through insulation to use it for their nests.

This might limit your home’s protection against the cold. And while they’re causing damage, they’ll often make loud tapping noises as they scurry throughout the home in the night. It’s critical to work with a trusted pest control company to remove squirrels before they grow in number throughout the winter.

2 – Raccoons

A more obvious danger to the Edmonton home is raccoons. While these creatures are rarely sighted during the winter, they can find their way inside your home or garage as they seek a way to protect their young ones from the cold. Raccoons can be aggressive, potentially posing a danger to pets and small children. They can also cause damage to your roofing as they make their way inside the property, leading to significant repair bills. If you notice raccoon activity around your home, you might call a local wildlife removal company to book a quote.

3 – Bats

Bats are the only mammal able to fly sustained distances. This can mean large groups travel from cooler natural areas to inside older homes during the wintertime. They find their way inside through chimneys and small gaps in guttering. Aside from the noise bats can make, they are also carriers of a number of dangerous diseases, and should be removed professionally if you discover them in your house.

4 – Skunks

While it’s rare for this shy creature to venture into a family home, when it does, you have a large problem. Skunks will spray their unmistakable odour at threats within the home, and this can be dangerous for house cats and dogs living inside. Skunks can also scratch and bite into home wiring and insulation, further impacting the property. Do not approach a skunk in or near your property. Call local Edmonton pest control professionals for the removal work.

5 – Opossums

While opossums are slow moving and generally not a health threat, they can cause a large amount of damage once inside your home. They have sharp claws, which can scratch wood. They will also eat through almost any material, thereby potentially causing structural damage throughout your property. It’s a good idea to speak with a wildlife specialist if you see an opossum or suspect one is living inside your property.

Don’t tackle a pest in your home without expert help. Our trusted pest control experts are ready to respond to all winter pest control issues. To learn more, call us today for your free quote!

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