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5 Pest Control Tips that Will Only Waste Your Time

By understanding more about the pest control marketplace, and learning the tips and techniques that help protect your home, you can avoid wasting time and money on ineffective control methods. Our technicians are here to save your time and money. We know the techniques that help secure your home and we’re also well versed in the techniques promoted by those with little experience. And so within this latest post, we’ll highlight five pest control tips that are more myth than reality.

1 - Throw Out the Mattress to Remove Bed Bugs

Look, if it were this simple to remove bed bugs from the home, why would there be so many infestations in major cities across North America? Bed bugs, once they make their way inside the home, will lay eggs on furniture, beds, bedding, clothes and in various other areas. Throwing out the mattress will only mean you’re sleeping on the couch (which is also likely infested) and someone else taking the mattress and the bed bug problem to their home.

2 - Daddy Long Legs are Poisonous and Should be Immediately Removed

The reason daddy long legs spiders are so common, and yet we have zero reports of daddy long legs related bites is that the vast majority of species considered to be “daddy long legs” are not poisonous. The myth behind their danger stems from the fact homeowners confuse two species: opilionids arachnids with pill-shaped bodies and long legs that are actually not spiders, and pholcids, which have long legs and small bodies. While pholcids can bite, and do have venom, their bite rarely causes any noticeable pain symptoms or reactions on human skin. Opilionids arachnids are the more common variety, and they are not able to bite.

3 - Bug Zappers Kill Mosquitos

This is a common misapprehension. Bug zappers might kill insects that enter their path, but rarely are these insects the true targets of your ire. They are often simply houseflies. The data shows that mosquitos make up only 4% of the bugs killed by bug zappers. And studies show that owners of zappers tend to get stung more by mosquitos because they think they’re being protected.

4 - Adult Moths Ruin Clothing

The adult moths you see flying around in your basement and crawl space are not the true cause of the holes in your clothes. The true culprit is the moth larvae, the young moth that eats through fibers on their way to achieving adulthood. That’s why it’s so important to have a specialist check your home for larvae if you have a moth issue.

5 - Only Those with Pets have Fleas in the Home

Fleas can travel on shoes and clothing, quickly spreading throughout the home. While homes with pets are more likely to experience flea infestations, those without pets can experience problems as well. This means all homeowners, whether they have a pet or not, should work with a trusted pest control expert if you suspect a flea issue throughout the property.

It’s time to put those pest control myths to bed and learn more about the challenges you face in securing your home. To discover more pest control myths through our expert team, call us today! We’re available around the clock to respond to all removal issues.

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