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4 Reasons You Should Never Approach a Raccoon in Your Home

Raccoons are found in large numbers throughout Edmonton. But the vast majority of local homeowners will never experience a raccoon living inside their property. This is a rare occurrence that presents a number of dangers to the homeowner and their families.

But with raccoon populations growing in number and their natural habitats being used for development, interactions between humans and raccoons are becoming more common. And so, to help guide you if a raccoon enters your property, we’re outlining four reasons why you should never approach the creature in this latest post.

1 - Raccoons Carry Diseases

One of the leading dangers of interacting with a raccoon in your home is the diseases they carry. In addition to carrying serious diseases such as rabies, raccoons are also known to spread leptospirosis, a bacterial infection that can cause a high fever, muscle aches and vomiting in humans. By keeping a safe distance and leaving the removal to the professionals, you can avoid catching these dangerous diseases.

2 - Raccoons are Afraid of People

Another concern is that raccoons are generally afraid of people. And this means that if you approach them within your home, you’re more likely to push them deep into the property. And if they are cornered in any area, they are more likely to lash out in fear. Raccoons have a painful bite and can also scratch if they feel threatened. This means you should try to avoid approaching them in the home and leave removal work to the experts.

3 - Raccoons are Protective of Babies

Like most mammals, raccoons are fiercely protective of their babies. Even the most sedate animal will be driven to ferocity if you encroach on an area in which they are protecting their families. And so if you have a raccoon infestation, it’s important that you don’t get too close to their area. Raccoons are known to attack people when they get too close to their cubs.

4 - Raccoons Can Develop a Sense of Comfort with Humans

It’s important that raccoons remain wary of human contact. If they become too comfortable with your presence, they may delve further into your property or enter other homes once removed from yours. Approaching raccoons and remaining in their space can make them more comfortable in human spaces. Only trained removal specialists should approach the creature to ensure they’re removed quickly and safely without further problems in the future.

Raccoons present a number of dangers to your home and family. Our expert team has helped hundreds of families remove raccoons from their homes. To discuss this subject with a specialist, call us at the earliest opportunity.

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