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5 DIY Tips for Preventing Woodpeckers Damaging Your Home

The common theory behind the reason why woodpeckers like to peck holes in the side of homes, and particularly in chimney spaces, is that they’re searching for insects in the material. They may also be establishing their dominance over local rivals. Whatever the reason behind this behaviour, it can be a clear nuisance for you as the homeowner. To help counteract this issue and ensure woodpeckers cannot damage your property, we’re offering five tips for preventing woodpecker damage in this latest post.

1 - Hang Thick Plastic on Damaged Home Areas

While this is not a permanent solution to the problem, hanging thick plastic over the damaged areas of your property can prevent the woodpecker from gaining further access to the home. The animal will be unable to land on the plastic and will therefore find somewhere more comfortable to rest.

2 - Use a Pinecone Covered with Cayenne Pepper

Woodpeckers like to peck through and chew on pine cones, and so you can attract the woodpecker’s attention with a pinecone covered in a food substance such as cheese. You can then sprinkle a helping of cayenne pepper on the pinecone to ensure the woodpecker leaves the property alone in the future.

3 - Spray the Affected Area with Tabasco Sauce

Another common home DIY trick for preventing woodpecker damage is the use of Tabasco sauce. Woodpeckers are highly sensitive to spicy scents and tastes, and so you can spray any area of woodpecker activity with tabasco sauce. When the woodpecker returns, they’ll quickly find that the area is no longer the ideal spot and move on to a new location.

4 - Place a Large Bird Figurine on the Home

One great way to protect your home from woodpeckers is by using an eagle or hawk figurine. Simply hang the figurine in the area with woodpecker activity, and you’ll soon notice a change in the number of woodpeckers coming to the area. Larger predatory birds scare off woodpeckers and other pests and will keep your home quiet and protect for the months ahead.

5 - Repair Holes Immediately

If the woodpecker has made a dent or hole in the structure of the property, it’s critical the damage is repaired as quickly as possible. Any damage is likely to attract insects further inside the structure of the home, and that will then bring more woodpeckers to the area in search of food.

Our trusted pest control experts are helping homeowners throughout Edmonton prevent woodpecker damage. To discuss the subject with a specialist, call us today!

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