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5 Ways Mice Can Get into Your Home for the Winter

With the temperatures dropping, creatures throughout your local neighbourhood are seeking shelter from the cooler weather. Mice are a common issue within Edmonton homes, and it’s why so many homeowners in the area are now looking for ways to protect their home for the coming months. In this latest post, we’ll highlight five ways mice can get into your home for the winter.

1 - Poorly Sealed Window and Door Frames

Mice can often enter a home through poorly sealed window and door frames. These areas of the property can offer them quick access to warmer living room spaces and to the leftover food crumbs on kitchen counters. To prevent mice from gaining easy access to your home this winter, it’s important to ensure all sealing around windows and doors is in optimal condition.

2 - Holes in Outdoor Pipes

Often, mice and other rodents will use small cracks within outdoor pipes to gain access to the home. Mice have an exceptional ability to climb comparatively great distances and will use the pipes of the home to access kitchen and bathroom areas. Once they’ve made their way inside, they can do significant damage to piping structures.

3 - Through Heating Units

Many of us turn our heating units on the moment the temperature begins to drop in the fall. And this is one area we don’t consider to be a structural weakness to the home. However, heating units connected to the home can offer mice quick access to various areas of the property. Try to use a mesh protection system to seal off the unit from outside access.

4 - Gaps in the Eaves Trough

Your eaves trough might be dealing with significant amounts of rainfall and tree debris this fall as your home structure works to direct water flow around the property. If you aren’t careful in maintaining the system, you may find that small gaps begin to appear, through which mice can enter into attic areas and then spread throughout your property.

5 - Spaces Near the Foundation

If there are gaps near the foundation of your property, the likelihood is they will be found by mice. Mice and other rodents work to find heat sources when the temperature drops and the easy access to the lower areas of the property make cracks in the foundation a simple way for the mice to enter the home. Try to analyze your foundation each wintertime to protect against rodent intrusion.

Our expert pest control team is now available now to answer your questions! To learn more, contact us today.

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