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A Quick Business Owner’s Guide to Keep Pigeons Away

Pigeons are a nuisance to many business owners. Not only can they cause damage to property structures with their nests. But their droppings can also lead to unsightly business signage. It’s why it’s now so important for business owners to consider ways in which to protect their offices and stores from pigeons. In this latest post, we’ll present our quick guide to keeping pigeons away from your property.

Use Barriers

One of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent pigeons from making a permanent home in property is by using barriers. Barrier products such as anti-roosting systems can be added to any area in which a bird might perch. They can be found at local hardware stores across the country and will prevent pigeons from sitting comfortable in the area.

Seal Entrances

In some older Edmonton properties, there are larger attic spaces that can present a nice warm area for pigeons to make their nest. To prevent the pigeon entering the space in the first place, business owners can seal off attic and soffit vents. In the short-term, they can fill entrances to the property with plastic strips to prevent easy access. Business owners can also discourage pigeons from landing near the property by using sloped rather than flat architectural elements.

Remove Sources of Food

A principal reason pigeons might gather around a business property is the availability of food sources such as berries, seeds, and nuts. Business owners can work to prevent pigeons entering their buildings by removing these sources from their property. This means not placing seeds on lawn spaces, and ensuring that dropped berries from nearby trees are quickly removed from the area. Through a commitment to exceptional property maintenance, owners can minimize the number of pigeons near their property.

Integrate Reflective Surfaces

The latest information from experts suggests that property owners can minimize the number of pigeons near their properties by integrating reflective surfaces. Pigeons are a notoriously non-aggressive bird and the potential presence of other birds on the property can stop them from making their way onto and inside the building.

Install Ultrasonic Devices

Business owners might also benefit from installing ultrasonic devices as a way to scare away pigeons from their property. These devices emit a sound only birds and local wildlife can hear. And while they don’t damage the hearing of the animals in any way, they confuse them and prevent them from being comfortable in and around the property.

By following the suggestions within this post, you can secure your business property against the potential damage caused by pigeons! To learn more about this process, or if you’d like to hand over your pigeon removal duties to a professional, call Harlow Pest Control today!

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