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Are Bed Bug Detecting Dogs Specially Trained and Certified?

Bed bug control companies across the country are now working with dogs to help in the bed bug removal process. Bed bug control dogs have a keen sense of smell and are able to detect tiny bed bug elements within a property. They can also inspect a home far more quickly than human specialists using the latest equipment. Within this latest post, we’ll take a more in-depth look at K-9 bed bug control services, as we answer the question “Are bed bug detecting dogs trained and certified?”

What is a Bed Bug Control Dog?

A dog’s incredible sense of smell makes them the ideal resource in bed bug detection work. They can identify live bed bugs by smell, and pick out bed bug eggs in small crevices within the home. When used by trained handlers, bed bug control dogs have a 97% detection success rate according to the latest studies. This compares with a 30% detection rate achieved by the average human using visual detection.

There are facilities across the country in which animals are trained to become bed bug control dogs. Many of these dogs are rescue animals that have been specifically trained for this purpose. And the best candidates for the training and certification process are energetic with a keen sense of smell. This means that hunting dogs such as beagles and bloodhounds are used as bed bug control animals. But other breeds might also be chosen based on their skill levels.

The Training Process

In going through the training process, the dog will often spend as many as 1000 hours with their handlers, who will teach them the commands and required behaviours. Most training time is spent in mock rooms with features commonly found in homes across the country. This helps the animal acclimatize to their working role and ensures they build their comfort in the environment. During training, dogs are exposed to different types of bed bugs at various life stages. One training drill might involve the handler placing bed bugs in one of three separate canisters, and then waiting for the dog to sniff out the bed bugs and select the right canister.


In going through the certification process, the dog is tested according to the latest standards set by the industry’s leading bed bug detection bodies. One of the leading testing agencies is NESDCA (National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association). NESDCA works to evaluate both the trainer and the dog. The dog is evaluated on how well they pinpoint bed bugs within the test environment. While the trainer is evaluated based on their control over the animal. Upon completion, the process ensures certification for one year, which must then be renewed annually.

It’s a comprehensive training process designed help ensure pinpoint accuracy in identifying and removing bed bugs from the Edmonton home. To discover more about the certification process for bed bug control animals, contact our experts directly!

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