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How Quickly Can a Mouse Infestation Get Out of Hand?

Mice are regularly found in homes across Edmonton. And where you find one mouse, you generally find many more. As such, many local homeowners have discovered mouse infestations within their home. In this latest post, we take a look at mouse infestations and the speed with which the rodent can take over the property, as we answer the question “How quickly can a mouse infestation get out of hand?”

A Highly Successful Invasive Species

The common house mouse is one of the most successful invasive species in the world. Their success and growing population can be directly connected to their reproduction capacity. When a person has six mice within their home, these six mice can reproduce into 30 mice in just three months.

That’s because mice reach maturity at a young three months of age, at which point they start reproducing, and their numbers then swell significantly. This highlights the importance of responding to mice issues in the home at the earliest opportunity. It’s far easier to remove 5 or 6 mice from the home for the long-term, than it is to deal with 30 mice.

Mice Control Tips

For those who have discovered a mouse within their home and are worried about an infestation occurring, it’s imperative to gain as much information as possible on mice control techniques. Our experts have decades of experience in this area, and recommend the following techniques to protect home spaces against mouse intrusion:

  • Use mice repellent

Certain substances can deter mice from entering your home. Place items such as mint leaves, bay leaves and mothballs in the corners of your basement and your kitchen to help keep mice away. Remember though that mothballs can be poisonous to pets so steer clear of this deterrent if you have a dog or cat in the home.

  • Mouse-proof your kitchen

While it might be tempting to leave those dirty dishes out for tomorrow, this can attract mice to the area. Try to clean up all kitchen spills and messes when they happen and use tightly sealed containers for all food items. Ensure that cupboards and pantry areas are cleaned on a regular basis to prevent infestation.

  • Seal doors

Mice are known to find their way inside the home through small cracks in and around doors and windows. Make sure all entrances to the home are sealed. During warmer weather, ensure your screen doors are in optimal condition to allow the breeze inside and to keep pests out!

Our expert mouse control team is ready to help you address your home pest challenges. If your own efforts aren’t working, or you’d just like a professional to tackle the problem from the start, contact Harlow Pest Control today!

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