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Signs You May Have a Cockroach Problem in your Restaurant

Cockroaches prefer to live in darker areas of a property, and their nocturnal nature can often make them difficult to locate, capture and remove. But understanding the signs of a cockroach problem is the first step toward removing them. And within a fast-paced restaurant environment, swift removal of cockroaches is critical. To help guide you in identifying whether you have a cockroach issue, we’re highlighting the signs of a cockroach presence in your restaurant, in this latest post.

Small Droppings Around the Area

Cockroaches will generally eat any food item they can find. They’ll feast on plant matter, human food and garbage with equal amounts of enthusiasm. They also have a high metabolism, which means they leave clear signs of their presence in the property through their feces. You might notice small pepper-like droppings, or brown stains on your restaurant surfaces. This is a clear sign you have an on-going cockroach issue.

Musty Odour

One of the most common ways in which Edmonton restaurant owners begin to notice their cockroach issue is that the odour in their business becomes musty. The musty odour becomes worse the longer the infestation continues, and so only swift resolution of the problem can help to remove the odour. Even cleaning sprays will only cover up the smell for a short period of time.

Egg Cases

You might also discover cockroach egg cases throughout the restaurant. These cases are oval shaped and will most likely be found close to furniture or behind shelving units, where the insect might believe they’ve found safety and shelter. Egg cases can range in colour from dark brown to a lighter reddish brown depending on the species within the area.

Dead Cockroaches

Despite their reputation for endurance, cockroaches don’t have the longest lifespan and will likely die in a short timeframe if they don’t have access to food remnants. That’s why one of the most common signs of a cockroach infestation is dead cockroaches. Cockroaches like to hide in kitchen areas and under refrigerators, and so you might find dead cockroaches the next time you go to move your appliances and furniture. If you do, it’s essential that you contact skilled pest control experts at the earliest opportunity.

It’s no secret that a cockroach infestation can destroy a restaurant’s reputation. That’s why our expert team is available now to help guide you in removing cockroaches from your restaurant. To learn more about the best removal strategies, call our Edmonton experts now.

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