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What is a K-9 Bed Bug Inspection?

The presence of bed bugs within a property can have a significant impact on residents and visitors. Whether the property is a hotel or a family home, it’s critical to ensure all bed bug intrusions are mitigated effectively through expert inspection and removal services. That’s why so many Edmonton residents are now using K-9 bed bug inspection services. In this latest post, we’ll take a look at the K-9 bed bug inspection process and highlights its many benefits.

What Does the K-9 Bed Bug Inspection Involve?

When considering bed bug inspection services, homeowners should review all available options, and K-9 bed bug inspection and removal work is quickly becoming one of the most popular in the Edmonton marketplace. The process involves trained bed bug inspection dogs working with their handlers to review all areas of a property for the presence of bed bugs. The work may take several hours and require several dogs to review all areas of the property carefully. Once they detect bed bugs, they alert their handler who then physically inspects the target area and then uses removal products to clean the home.

Why Choose K-9 Bed Bug Inspection Services?

The K-9 bed bug inspection service has a number of advantages over traditional bed bug treatment options. These service advantages include:

Reduced inspection timeframe

The work of the K-9 team can be completed in a far shorter timeframe than it would take for a full visual inspection of a property, helping minimize the impact on the home and bringing efficiency to the process.

High accuracy

The trained dogs of the K-9 team are highly accurate in their detection work. Their ability to track down the scent of bed bugs through mattresses and walls is similar to that of bomb-sniffing dogs and ensures that any trace elements of a bed bug infestation are quickly discovered.

Reduced removal costs

The ability of the K-9 team to track down trace elements of bed bugs means they can easily detect the issue when just one bed bug is present in the home. They’re able to pinpoint an impending issue and prevent a full-scale infestation from occurring, thereby reducing the costs for the property owner significantly.

Limited impact on property

A full visual inspection and bed bug removal process may require the removal of floor boards and drywall. But working with a k-9 team can ensure that the bed bugs are located before they build nests deep in the property. This can help minimize the impact on the area and ensure that home residents and business owners resume normal activities immediately after the work is completed.

Our expert team is ready to guide you in maximizing the value of K-9 inspection services!

To learn more, call Harlow Pest Control today.

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