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Why Are Bed Bugs So Difficult to Remove?

Homeowners that have discovered bed bugs on their property will likely find these small creatures have a stubborn streak. They can make their way deep into the home’s structure and have a lasting negative impact on life inside the property. To help guide you on bed bug behaviour and the reasons behind the high level of intrusions across Edmonton, we’ll answer the question of “Why are bed bugs so hard to remove?” in this latest post.

Bed Bugs are Small and Flat

One of the key reasons bed bugs are so hard to remove from the home is their shape and size. They are small and flat, and this means they can enter into various areas of the property easily and cause havoc around the home. Because of their small size and flat bodies, bed bugs are found within walls and behind pipes, making them exceptionally difficult to detect for the homeowner.

Bed Bugs Multiply Quickly

Another reason bed bugs are difficult to remove completely from the home is that they multiply quickly. When the removal team removes a group of bugs from the property, another group could be hiding away and multiplying over a short period of time, increasing their numbers rapidly. A single female bed bug can lay over 500 eggs in her lifetime, and within just a few months, her offspring can begin laying eggs. This highlights the exponential growth of bed bug numbers.

Most Homes are Suitable Bed Bug Habitat

Bed bugs prefer environments with a stable temperature and reproduce most quickly when the temperature ranges between 70 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit. This just happens to be the optimal temperature for homeowners in the average Edmonton property. And so, you may be unknowingly supporting the optimal environment for bed bug growth when you go to set your thermostat.

Bed Bugs Can Detect Chemical Odours

One of the reasons many of the latest chemical treatments don’t have a 100% success rate is that bed bugs can actually detect odours within their environment. This means they’ll avoid areas that have been treated and continue to build upon their numbers in the home. It’s the reason so many are now turning to K-9 detection and natural removal services like heat treatments to eliminate bed bugs from the property.

Our team is ready to help guide you in protecting your property from bed bugs! To learn more, call us directly now, so we can get the process started.

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