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How Pigeons Can Cause Your Business to Lose Money

Any pest problem can be a hindrance to your business, but when it comes to pigeons, they can pose some serious trouble. That is why, from a business perspective, you are well advised to deal with your pigeon problem quickly and reliably.

Pigeons are Vermin

It doesn’t matter what your business is; you want to cast an immediate impression of professionalism. And there is no denying the negative impression that’s created if your place of business is surrounded by a pest like pigeons.

Pigeons aren’t just a nuisance. They don’t just look nasty and detract from your professionalism. They carry a number of serious diseases, like cryptococcosis, toxoplasmosis, meningitis and salmonella. They also are notorious for carrying lice and fleas. Their droppings can be rife with other diseases as well.

Pigeon droppings not only pose a health threat, but they also look terrible as well, littered about the grounds of your business. Your customer’s cars will probably get covered with droppings while they are inside doing business with you.

You are letting those pigeons create an unclean image for you. Customer response might vary from distaste to fear of dealing with your business because of health risk. Is that part of your brand?

Safety Issues

Not only are pigeon droppings full of disease, but they can also create a slipping hazard for clients walking around your business. This could open you up to liability, and it will send customers straight into the arms of your competitor.

Pigeons can be aggressive, particularly during mating season. That could pose a safety risk to both you and your clientele.

Threats to Your Structure

Pigeon droppings contain uric acid, which makes it highly corrosive, and therefore a threat to metal structures (which are likely at the very least, a component of your building structure). This acid also accelerates aging and decay, causing potentially expensive damage in a shorter timeline.

The Nasty Nest

Pigeons tend to nest in a variety of areas in and around buildings, like windowsills, eavestroughs, and ledges. They are particularly fond of rooftop air conditioners for nesting.

Debris and junk from their nests can cause problems with machinery. It can also cause blockage in gutters, causing flooding and even more damage.

When you start adding up all the potential costs of letting pigeons linger at your business, they can be substantial - from repairing damage to potential lawsuits, to lost business. You work hard to make your business successful. Don’t let a pigeon problem derail that success. Call us for help today.

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