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Why It’s Wise to Use Professional Pest Removal for Prevention in a Restaurant

removal prevention in a restaurant

If you’ve got a pest problem, you are best advised to engage a quality pest removal company right away to mitigate damage. However, if you require pest removal because you own a restaurant, the need is even more urgent.

The Unique Restaurant Environment

Most pests thrive when there is an abundant food source nearby. And restaurants differ from other types of businesses because they always have a steady supply of food to feed their customers. Unfortunately, this steady stream of food means that you’re able to attract and feed a number of pests too.

There are also a plethora of nesting and hiding spots for pests that are unique to a restaurant.

A pest problem can create a series of potentially very expensive problems for restaurants as well, from food spoilage, food contamination and waste, fines from health departments, lost business from poor customer perception and potential liability from customers if someone should get sick.

Common Restaurant Pests

Moths and beetles love to have a feast on your stored products, like dried fruits and grains. The discovery of these pests will lead to major food contamination and food waste. When your margins are thin, as they often are in the restaurant business, this can be a crippling financial blow if you don’t deal with it outright.

Rodents of all kinds are drawn to the all-you-can-eat buffet available in and around restaurant property. They love food scraps that are thrown away, or that linger on easy-to-reach spaces like floors, corners, and storage shelves. Mice and rats can pose a major problem. When they appear, it’s usually in large numbers. Their droppings are toxic and can spread disease freely through your establishment, contaminating food and workspaces. It’s not uncommon for restaurants with rodent problems to be shut down by the health department while dealing with their problem.

And although your rodent problem may be taken care of when you re-open, it can be very difficult to re-establish your reputation.

Cockroaches and flies are also feared restaurant pests. They can both access your restaurant very easily and spread disease to your food, machinery, prep spaces and dining rooms.

Don’t DIY

The inclination for many restaurant owners is to try to manage a pest problem on their own. This is not a recommended course of action, mostly because these DIY methods are often largely ineffective. That’s because a number of the pests that pose such a threat to a restaurant require specific knowledge and training to remove them properly and safely. And given the potential financial implications of not addressing your pest problem quickly and effectively as a restaurant owner, you’re well advised to do it right the first time.

In all business, time is money. If you’ve got a restaurant with a pest problem, or even if there are no visible pests, the clock is ticking quickly away against your bottom line. Don’t delay. Get the help you need now.

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