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How to Check Your House for Pests that Have Made a Home Over the Winter

During the wintertime in Canada, homeowners often encounter critters that have made their nests inside the property during the cooler months. With the spring now arriving across the country, it’s important to check your home for the continuing signs of a pest issue. In this article, we’ll provide our guide to checking your home for pests this spring.

Look for Crumbs in the Kitchen

The kitchen is often an entry point to the home for many animals, who are drawn to the area by the smells of food and cooking meals. Look for crumbs on kitchen counters and close to ventilation spaces. Often, animals such as mice and rats make their way into the kitchen at night to munch on crackers and other food, and then make their way back into the basement or between walls during the day to avoid detection.

Inspect Furniture

A rodent’s teeth are continuously growing, and this is part of the reason they regularly gnaw on materials in their environment. A sure-fire sign of a rodent infestation is teeth marks on table and chair legs. You may also notice that the rodent has chewed through the furniture material and exposed the inside area. Look for tears in furniture covers and pillows to detect a potential infestation.

Check Lofts and Crawl Spaces for Nests

Pests will often spend the majority of their days in hidden-away places of the home, where they remain until nighttime or until they have to eat or hunt. This means that you should check your loft and crawl spaces for signs of nests. Check the corner areas within these hidden-away places and look for the signs of infestation, including droppings, chewed materials and food crumbs.

Analyze All Noises

Mice, rats, and squirrels, in particular, are not very adept at being quiet when they’ve made their way inside the home. But if you live on a busy street or in a lively home, you might not have noticed the scrambling and squeaking noises these creatures can make throughout the day. As part of your home spring pest removal regimen, analyze any sounds you hear carefully to determine their origin.

Investigate Strange Smells

Animal droppings can carry a strong odour that is immediately apparent within the average Canadian home. In the event of a pest infestation, droppings can often be found in cabinet spaces and hidden away spots. If there’s a strong odour coming from a basement corner or a rarely used kitchen cabinet, treat the issue with care and examine the area with caution.

Pests can have a significant health impact on your property, and may reduce the structural safety of the building. Speak with the removal specialists here at Harlow Pest Control today if you’ve spotted any of the issues highlighted in this article.

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