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When to Call for Professional Pigeon Removal Services

An infestation of pigeons can be very damaging to your property, whether residential or commercial. Here are some of the reasons to call your local pest control expert as soon as your notice a pigeon problem:

  • Their droppings can be harmful to infrastructure and destroy products you wish to sell. These droppings are also very difficult and costly to clean effectively. The droppings can also lead to infestations of other pests, such as bed bugs. Excessive droppings can make your surrounding area unsafe due to increased likelihood of slip and fall accidents.

  • Many bird species, including pigeons, are known to carry harmful bacteria and disease that can be transferred to humans and make people sick.

  • Noise is also a factor when dealing with any large bird population.

  • Bird nests of all kinds can cause many problems and should not be allowed to grow. They can be a fire hazard if located close to lighting or electrical apparatuses. Nests can also block drains, leading to costly flooding and water damage to your property.

Like many other pests, the longer the pigeon issue is allowed to continue, the harder it will be to eradicate the bird population from your area. Call a pest control expert as soon as you notice them congregating with regularity, and the steps taken to remove the birds will be far more effective.

What Can Be Done? Change the Habitat

The most effective way to deal with a large, unwanted bird population is to change the habitat and make it unwelcoming for the birds to stay. This can take the form of spikes, so there is nowhere for them to land, or netting to keep them off ledges and balconies.

Any methods used to change the habitat and reduce the areas for nesting and landing will be very specific to the property in question. As such, you will need a professional pest control company to carry out an assessment of the issue before proceeding.

As with any pest issue, food is always a factor. Reducing any available food sources that the birds have access to on your property will also help to deter them, once their comfortable nesting places are no longer available either.

In short, if you have pigeons or other birds interfering with your enjoyment of your home, or the profitability of your business, it is important to take steps against this issue as soon as possible by calling an expert.

At Harlow Pest Control, we are experts in pigeon removal, as well as any problem birds or pests, so give us a call today!

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