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The Basics of Heat Remediation for Bed Bugs

Heat Remediation is a chemical and pesticide-free alternative to eradicate bed bugs from your home or workplace. Heat Remediation uses high temperatures instead of chemicals for a safe and environmentally friendly option to rid yourself of unwanted pests, like bed bugs.

Why Heat?

Heat is an excellent solution to your bed bug infestation because the temperature can penetrate wall cavities and into materials, such as mattresses, curtains and soft furniture better than any other chemical treatment. Most other treatments just drive the bed bugs farther into your walls and infrastructure, out of sight. Meaning in no time at all they will crawl back out and into your life once the chemical treatments dissipate.

The high temperature is applied evenly throughout the structure of your home, so there is simply nowhere for the bugs to hide. This means that Heat Remediation can kill the bed bugs completely in one treatment, where other chemical options often take numerous rounds of treatments to get them all.

Heat also has the benefit of killing the bed bugs at all their life cycle stages, meaning no eggs are left behind to hatch after the chemical treatment is done with only the mature bed bugs. Today’s bed bugs are developing resistance to the current chemical treatments on the market. This means that it is taking more and more treatments, sometimes three or more, to eradicate a single infestation of bed bugs. Heat Remediation uses no chemicals, only scientifically calculated heat levels to kill the bed

bugs and eradicate the population.

How Hot Are We Talking?

Extensive research has gone into just how hot the temperature has to get to kill all the bed bugs at their various life cycle stages. Research shows that adult bed bugs and nymphs die at a fifteen-minute exposure to 113°F. Eggs die at the same temperature, but need a much longer exposure to the heat; roughly 60 minutes. The Heat Remediation itself consists of raising the room temperature to above this 113°F, the “kill temperature,” and keeping it there for many hours to ensure the death of all bed bug eggs.

Heat Remediation is a safe and efficient treatment for any bed bug infestation. The lack of chemicals means a more secure home for your family to return to and the scientific research behind the heat means the death of all the bed bugs and their eggs in one treatment.

Give us a call at Harlow Pest Control today for more details.

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