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Do I Need to Worry About Bed Bugs More In the Spring?

When it comes to bed bugs, many homeowners want to know if they need to worry about them more in the spring than other times of year. The quick answer is, yes, you do!

Spring is the worst season for bed bugs, as it is with many other types of pests. Although we keep our homes warm thorough the year, during the winter months the temperature does drop, especially inside your external walls. Even this minor temperature reduction means that the bugs go into “slow mode,” moving around and reproducing much slower than in the warm months. You may not notice an infestation during the winter for this reason. If you had bed bugs last summer, be prepared to see them again this spring. As the warmer months arrive, the bed bugs get their energy back and may resurface in your home.

Protecting Your Home in the Spring: Seal It Up!

Pest Control for any issues and especially for bed bugs can be useless if no cracks where the bugs can hide are sealed. Caulking all the cracks, crevices and gaps in your home, (inside and out!) will save you time and money in the long run. When a home is treated for bed bugs, if the treatment does not include sealing, the bugs are just driven farther into the infrastructure of the home. They will crawl right back out again when the chemicals dissipate. To save yourself multiple treatments not to mention the stress of many infestations, seal it all up before you treat your home.

Caulking the cracks in your home has the added benefit of keeping out other pests as well, who can squeeze through cracks the size of a dime.

Be Careful When You Travel

It’s not just your home that is vulnerable to pests that are more active in the spring and summer months; be careful where you travel too! Most bed bug infestations come from transfers from vacation spots. Bed bugs have been reported throughout Canada and in all 50 states, in hotels, dorms rooms and even in libraries and on airplanes. There are many products on the market to protect your family from these pests. Keep your belongings in large zip lock bags in hotels, invest in bed bug repellant sprays and luggage for your trips and always check your hotel online for bed bugs reports before you book!

Call In the Professionals

The chemicals used to eradicate bed bugs are very strong, and yet when they are administered incorrectly, they can still fail. If you have a bed bug infestation in your home, call us at

Harlow Pest Control so we can take care of the issue. You’ll save time, money and stress in the long run if you do!

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