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Can Cockroaches Survive an Edmonton Winter?

Cockroaches can have a significant impact on the home environment. They can infest kitchen areas, chew through home furniture, and leave a musty odour in their wake. But with wintertime almost here, many Edmonton homeowners are wondering whether cockroaches could survive the frigid weather to come to the area in the upcoming months. In this latest post, our experts will address this subject, as we answer the question “Can cockroaches survive a cold Edmonton winter?”

Reputation for Resilience

Despite the cockroach’s reputation for being a resilient creature, they are susceptible to freezing to death when temperatures dip below -9 Celsius in their living environment. While this might mean that cockroaches die if they are outside in the natural environment, they will remain safe from the freezing temperatures inside the average Edmonton home.

This is how many types of cockroach survive winters within colder climates. They find a hidden location within a building structure and then work to stay warm in great numbers. They are also known for their speed of movement and ability to locate food with precision, which can also help keep them safe and healthy throughout the winter. And so, unfortunately, homeowners may find that cockroaches are even more prevalent in their homes this wintertime!

How to Protect Your Property

While cockroaches are resilient creatures and can find themselves the smallest of spaces to live within the Edmonton home, there are techniques that local homeowners can use to keep their property safe as the temperatures drop. Consider the follow options for cockroach-proofing your Edmonton home.

  • Wipe down surfaces immediately

Cockroaches have a keen sense of smell and can detect crumbs of food expertly. And so, it’s important to wipe down all surfaces in your kitchen after use.

  • Take out garbage regularly

Homeowners will quickly discover they have a cockroach issue when they leave garbage in their home over several weeks. The insect will feast on the garbage and an infestation will develop.

  • Fix cracks in doors

All exterior doors can be susceptible to cracking due to the cold Edmonton weather. Try to repair these cracks before the weather worsens to protect your home against infestation from cockroaches.

  • Call a pest control expert

It’s critical that you contact a pest control team the moment you suspect a cockroach issue in your home! The pest control team can remove any cockroaches and ensure the property is protected for the long-term future.

Our experts are ready to help guide you in protecting your home against cockroaches this winter. To learn more, call us today.

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