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Common Spring Pests in the Edmonton Area

While pests are a year-round problem, many of the typical pest problems lie dormant during the long, cold, dry Edmonton winter. However, when spring arrives with the thaw, the pests tend to emerge as well. Here are some common spring pests that you may discover.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants can wreak serious havoc, attacking the very structure of your home (beams, joists, foundation). They can enter your home in a variety of ways like utility lines, roofs, bathrooms or basements, or along baseboards that have sustained water damage. Once they are inside, they set up their nests in a variety of nooks and crannies in your home.

Typically, the cold climate means that these ants become dormant in their nests during the winter. But the minute the spring thaw arrives, they awake, ready for business. They get to work straight away digging small, elaborate tunnels, causing a great deal of damage to your home.

Fortunately, we have the skills and tools to deal with this problem pest.


Ladybugs seem harmless looking, but their pretty red backs are less attractive when you discover an infestation in your house. Ladybugs tend to hide out in your walls over the cold winter, but as soon as that sun returns and temperatures rise, then they come out in droves.

They are most often attracted to light colours and windows. If you see loads of ladybugs, call us for help. They aren’t as easy to remove as you might think. If you squish them like you would another insect, they release a scent to call all of their friends, so you are compounding the problem.


Again, with the warmer temperatures of spring, you may discover a bird pest problem as our feathered friends become more active.

Bird nests can create fire hazards and block air vents. Their droppings carry potentially harmful bacteria. Different kinds of birds can create specific problems, like woodpeckers pecking at your roof shingles or walls, or pigeons congregating in large numbers on your housing structure.

If you’ve got a bird problem, don’t delay. Call us for a free quote.


If you’ve had mice in your home over the winter, you may be wondering why they’re not returning to the great outdoors now that nature is back in full bloom.

The short answer to that question is that mice will stay around as long as their surroundings are hospitable (i.e. food and drink are readily available). If you see signs of mice (evidence of mouse droppings), then call us straightaway for support.

In the meantime, discourage their extended stay in your home by keeping food well wrapped (i.e. in nibble-proof containers). Avoid leaving food or other organic material on the floor where mice can feast easily.

No matter what your pest problem, the sooner you make the call for help, the sooner you’ll be pest-free.

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